Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A very curious ABC/ Washington Post poll

 The most recent poll by the two news organizations in the title of this post has a wide range of questions featuring most of the GOP candidates for president. For some reason though, the question on how each Republican candidate would fare in a face off with President Obama only features six candidates. Ron Paul is among those left off which is odd considering John Huntsman is one of the six. Huntsman scored some of the lowest scores in the previous questions when it came to voter consideration and preference. Definitely way lower than Ron Paul.

 I've suspected for a bit now that the Huntsman push is coming from a small group of wealthier voices in the GOP, along with a bit of egging on from the media. His name being one of the six in the key 2012 election face off question confirms that for me. Huntsman has the handsome presence to be president and has come across as totally likable. He definitely looks like a president and I have no reason yet to not consider him. I like what I hear so far. What I don't like is the idea of an unseen hand pushing him ahead of candidates with larger bases. Already I'm seeing the worst elements of the 2008 primary coming through.

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