Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ethanol Subsidies: Coburn vs. Norquist

 This article from the Daily Beast made my day.

Only someone with Grover Norquist's level of slime and scuzziness, would oppose ending ethanol subsidies. If there has ever been a more no brainer issue, this is it. I'm glad to see someone like Coburn clear the way for a truly fiscally sound decision by the Senate. It has yet to be seen what the fate of the suspension of subsidies will be in the House, but this is a great step.

Signing some silly tax pledge does not equal fiscal responsibility. Franky I find it distasteful that any elected official would sign such a pledge with any private interest group. It's nice to see that Coburn, who did sign it, came to his senses along with some of his fellow Republicans.

And just to pile on Norquist a little more, here's this post on Frum Forum which shows just what a classy individual he is.

And a picture of the previously referred to scuzz face:

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