Thursday, June 2, 2011

So that's what Dave Elswick is...

Caught Elswick's show for a brief bit as I drove home from work. He described himself as a Rand Paul/neo-libertarian. He said this meant he supported border security and opposed abortion. How these two things made him jump right over Ron to Rand is beyond me. I'm pretty sure Elswick and Ron Paul are on the same page on these issues, and that those are two issues that have room for debate in the libertarian world.

Let's be honest, the first main difference between Paul and most on the right is that he doesn't love war. The second is that he isn't a vicious SOB. He probably wouldn't yell out "YOU LIE!", or question in public the loyalty of Muslim citizens, or accuse Obama of "hating" America. Today's party is built on lapping up vicious soundbites that tap into whatever built up frustrations they have with ...well...fill in the blank really.

When you've got a party with jokers like Palin who are so enraptured with militarism that they hop on Obama just because he said in a speech that our nation's armed forces are, "one of the finest fighting forces the world has ever known", anti-war elements on the right just don't stand a chance.

Anyway, enough Elswick talk. Just thought it was a nice conclusion to the last two posts. Moving on next time.

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