Monday, June 6, 2011

Gary Johnson excluded from NH debate. Bring on our media approved choices.

 So CNN and the sponsoring organizations have decided to exclude Gary Johnson from their upcoming New Hampshire debate because he doesn't meet the needed percentages they laid out. Nevermind that the most recent, and I would think relevant, polling by Gallup shows him at the 2 percent threshold, the same level as Rick Santorum.

 It's funny that the one issue that is usually brought up to highlight Johnson's long shot chances is his support for marijuana legalization. Nevermind the fact that Ron Paul, one of the better polling candidates at the moment, supports that as well, and that it doesn't seem to be affecting his poll numbers. And that was even after Ron Paul's infamous heroin legalization moment. 

The reason Johnson's chances are so remote is name recognition. The point of debates is to make the viewers familiar with the candidates and their views. Before the FOX debate, how many people other than staunch Tea Partiers knew much about Herman Cain?

 I'll admit that Johnson's FOX debate performance was pretty bad, but I was looking forward to seeing some possible improvement in his presentation. Here's hoping CNN changes the standards and lets a two term governor in.

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