Monday, September 27, 2010

The Dem Gaz grows a pair on "don't ask don't tell"

Kudos for once to the Democrat Gazette on their recent editorial calling for some courage in ending "Don't Ask Don't Tell". Obama has been an embarrassment on this front. As the editorial pointed out, Truman issued an executive order to end racial segregation in the military. Compare that to both Clinton's institution of "Don't ask, Don't tell" and Obama's approach to it so far. Regardless of one's views on homosexuality, I don't see any rational reason for gays to be restricted from military service. Especially considering our army apparently has, and is pretty slow in dealing with, a few murderous sickos like this:

Now I know not all our soldiers are like that and all the ones I know are disgusted by those who do things like that (okay, there was my obligatory "support the troops" disclaimer). But believe me, I've heard some stories from some said soldiers that make me think those idiots in the article aren't totally unique. As far as the discomfort or damage to morale that gay soldiers might cause, all I can say is "tough". I'm going to guess that black soldiers caused the same discomfort amongst some soldiers back in the day, but letting them in was the right decision. I'm not sure I want my country protected by an army filled with guys who are afraid of getting cooties from the gay dude next to them.  Plus the freaking Israeli IDF allows gays to serve openly, and I don't think anyone would deny the toughness of the IDF.