Saturday, October 2, 2010

The co-opting of the tea party, and some thoughts on Obama

Just popping in to share a few links that I'm digging right now.

The first one is Matt Taibbi's latest Rolling Stone article on the Tea Party movement. It does a good job of tracing the movement's origins in Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign up through it's current co-opting of the GOP. A movement that was truly independent and anti-establishment has become a breeding ground for ignorance and theories about Obama's citizenship. You can find the article here.

The second link is a response to Dinesh D’Souza's recent Forbes article on President Obama. It can be found here.

Opponents of Obama are coming up with all sorts of reasons ranging from "anti-colonialism" to a "deep seated hatred" of whites for his actions as president. Which is funny because he really isn't any different than any other liberal politician. Talk of higher taxes on the wealthy for instance are pretty standard in Democratic circles. You didn't hear anyone calling Clinton an "anti-colonialist". I guess now that we have a black president, calling him "liberal" just isn't enough.

Plus on the foreign policy front the only difference I've seen between Obama and Bush is better vocabulary.  Recently our president has asserted a power to assassinate U.S. citizens if he deems it necessary. I can only imagine the storm that would have erupted in the media if Dubya asserted something like this. You can read more here.

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