Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The death penalty: Part One

I oppose the death most situations I guess. I suppose Charles Manson should probably have been executed. But wait, is that just the vengeance side of me talking? As a Christian, shouldn't I support people being punished by the laws of the land for doing wrong but allowed to live as long as they can have an opportunity to meet Christ? Wow............ this really wasn't going to be a post going in that direction. But honestly, that right there is as strong an argument against the death penalty in my mind as anyone who claims to follow Christ can put forth. So, I think I'll do another post at another point, maybe my next one, about the arguments and examples I was going to put forth. I'd love to hear some thoughts on this.


  1. Why are you trying to make my brains work? The Bible hath already bestowed upon us the bestest of solutions. Let God sort em' out. Amen.

    P.S. That does mean we got to kill em' all.

  2. No, that was some monk back in the day who said that. And I don't trust the religious views of the balding and cloaked.

  3. Waiting on Part Two......