Thursday, August 5, 2010

KARN callers this morning. Because it's so easy to write about.

KARN morning radio callers and letter writers to the Dem Gaz are truly cut from the same cloth. And that cloth is probably the cloth used to make this shirt:

The typical morning call in show routine seems to be to pick the story that will bring out the most phone calls. But the topics are always those that will obviously lead to: a.) angry, inarticulate callers b.) an entire program of callers with the same point of view. So today's topic was (of course) the recent California ruling on gay marriage.

Today we'll focus on two callers.

Caller number one had some vague rant involving the fall of Rome and how it is parallels the fall of our country, etc, etc. I have heard several cases for this by the way, but the idea of everyone in our country turning gay and not reproducing has never seemed to be a strong one. In part this is because we aren't all becoming gay and because I'm pretty sure all the Romans weren't gay when their empire fell.
Also, I don't think a law allowing gay marriage has a magic ability to turn straight people gay. If it does then why don't we pass a law requiring wizardry? Suddenly everyone in our country would magically become a wizard and Al-Qaeda would cower before our wands, or be turned into frogs. War on Terror over.

Caller number two pleaded the whole "founding documents based on Christian principals" argument. I'm not going to argue that because it's irrelevant, considering most opponents of gay marriage are arguing this issue based on state's rights and also because our founding documents don't talk about sexual orientation at all. We aren't governed as a country by strictly Christian principals (although our country's laws sometimes mirror these principals), our country is governed by laws that men wrote and still write. Many of us are or try to be personally governed by Christian principals though.

Oh yeah and one more thing for caller number two, don't ever try to sound intelligent by tacking on the phrase "the 10 commandments if you will" after saying "Christian principals" and expect me to take anything you say about either of those things seriously. Either own your invocation of the 10 commandments by leaving off the "if you will" or don't even mention them.

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