Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Illegal Immigrants and the Ned Beatty treatment

The Dem Gaz letter page never fails to amaze me by showing me the minds of my fellow Arkansans. They are truly wonderful minds and their brains should be preserved for future generations like the pieces JFK's brain (wait our government lost those, nevermind). Today's paper featured a letter from a man who had previously lived in Arizona. Does anyone want to guess what he wrote in about? Yes that's right Timmy, he wrote about immigrants. That and how a case from 1985 miraculously explains everything about our current situation with the border today.

 Apparently two brothers had a ranch close to the border that saw lots of traffic from illegal immigrants as well as lots of thievery. One night they caught three men in their barn and, after making them remove their pants and shoes, fired their guns in the air and told the men to go back across the border.

Okay, before I get to the rest of this let me emphasize one part of this story again:
making them remove their pants and shoes

Okay, we got that? Good.

Anyway, so the brothers were charged with violating the men's civil rights and acquited and then the letter writers says "big brother" brought charges of interfering with interstate commerce against them. The writer says one man was acquited and the other convicted, but that he lost track of the case, but somehow this explains everything about today and blahalbalhaha. I couldn't find much on the case because my access to information on 1985 Arizona cases is limited to Google searches and the ramblings of my fellow resident of the Natural State.

1. I support a man's right to defend his property and the sanctity of his house (or barn), especially if he's being regularly stolen from.

2.  If the government were charging these brothers with interfering with interstate commerce that does hit me as rather silly. But the civil rights violation charge does ring with a little truth because.....

3.making them remove their pants and shoes!!?!!!? Creepy. If the guys had just fired their guns and told the guys to leave I'd be a little sympathetic but whaaaaaa? I wonder if the rest of the story that the writer didn't catch upon his moving to Arkansas included revelations like "One brother told one of the three that he 'sure did have a pretty mouth' and that he wanted him to 'squeal like a pig'". Saying that the behavior of the brothers is totally fine is okay if you don't mind the "slippery slope" (thanks you religious right for the years of hearing that term on AFR) that could lead to. Just because someone is trespassing doesn't in my mind mean you can do anything to them you want to. I'd object just a little bit if someone had a "Hostel"-style torture house for the illegal immigrants they caught crossing their yard and I'd hope everyone reading this would too. If you or your family's lives are threatened then by all means, cap them. But if they are just stealing some sheep or catching some shut eye in a barn, do the same thing these brothers did........except let the guys to keep their pants and shoes on.

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