Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Haven't heard any anti-global warming jokes lately...

Anytime it snows in Arkansas, or gets drastically cold in the winter, I inevitably hear or see someone making a joke whose point is that in essence "Al Gore is full of crap, on this global warming stuff." It's funny how you don't hear any of that during a hellish Arkansas summer.

I'm pretty much apathetic on the topic of global warming, but I realize that climate scientists aren't claiming that there will no longer be winter. Making the whole "there's snow on the ground, global warming is BS" joke is pretty stupid.

I really don't care about global warming that much and I get annoyed by people who talk oh so passionately about the need for green energy on one side and the people who spew venom against cap and trade on the other. Nothing mankind could do would make much of a difference at this point anyway. I take the P.J. O'Rourke view: "My suggestion is install air conditioning and buy beachfront land in Greenland."

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