Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dustin McDaniel vs. Jon Hubbard.

For those of you unfamiliar with the whole Dustin McDaniel and Rep. Jon Hubbard spat, here's a brief summary from the first part of the Democrat Gazette's story covering it:

A Jonesboro lawmaker has accused the attorney general of pandering to Hispanic voters and providing special treatment to the group by offering a Spanish-language version of the office’s website. The attorney general responded that the legislator could be seen as “an angry, misguided person.”
Rep. Jon Hubbard, a Republican, made the accusations in e-mails to Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, a Democrat, between July 12 and Monday that also went to news media, the GOP lieutenant governor and about 30 Republican members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
“Dustin, I regret that you are not as passionate about representing the people of Arkansas as you are about propping up this person masquerading as [the president of the United States],” he wrote in one of them. Hubbard said by phone Tuesday that he believes that President Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution.

And the Arkansas Times has a post that has the full texts of the emails. It can be found here.

My thoughts?  It's a little frustrating that I totally dig McDaniel's response (aside from the personal digs involving his former seat in Jonesboro which I could really give a crap about) considering how much I don't dig any number of other things that he's done with his office.

A section of Hubbard's first email also cracked me up:
Is there a state policy that provides special treatment for Hispanics in Arkansas, while no other ethnic groups are given the same special consideration?
    I seriously doubt Hubbard was caring very deeply about the concerns of any other ethnic groups in our state when he wrote that. There's a reason that across the majority of the country you can select Spanish on an automated voice system or an ATM. It's because it's the only other language that has a big enough presence to warrant it. Most of our country isn't going out of its way to put every freaking language as an option.

 C'mon Hubbard just come out and say it, you don't like people speaking a language other than English in Arkansas.  There's no point in couching it in all that pretty talk.

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