Monday, May 23, 2011

Obama no different than Bush on Israel.

Days like these make me so glad McCain wasn't elected president.

Don't get me wrong, Obama has been a colossal disappointment. But to have to live through four years of McCain doing some of the same things that Obama is doing now and receiving nary a negative Republican word? The silent hypocrisy could have killed me. Kind of like the way the very vocal hypocrisy of Republicans criticizing Obama over his Israel comments is killing me now.

As this article in the Economist points out, Obama has basically spouted the same line on Israel as Dubya and Clinton. Of course you'd never know that if you listened to Newt and some of the other mouth breathers in the GOP at the moment. (Dear Jon Huntsman, if you run, please try to drown out these morons a bit.)

At the very least Obama is forcing many of the more serious issues facing our country to the forefront in a way few presidents have. Largely because most Republicans would have been silent and happy if a member of their party had won. And no, I don't think we would have had a Tea Party with a McCain/Palin ticket winning. The Ron Paul supporters would still be around, but the rest of the Tea Partiers, the Bachmann branch we'll call them, would have been lapping up VP Palin soundbites on a daily basis.

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