Friday, May 27, 2011

Absolutely legal, and rat bastard, move by State GOP

  In case anyone reading this hasn't heard, liberal blog Blue Hog Report was shut down following a freedom of information request by the state GOP aimed at two individuals behind the blog, both of whom are state employees. This FOI request by the GOP followed numerous Blue Hog FOI requests for the Secretary of State's office, which is currently occupied by Republican Mark Martin. The state GOP wants to make sure that Blue Hog blogging wasn't done on state time and computers.

  Both sides are well within the law with these requests. But the request by the state GOP does have a potent rat bastard smell to it. In all honesty if a little blogging was done on state time and computers, but not to the point that it hindered their work, I really wouldn't care all that much. Party affiliation wouldn't matter to me. I know the rules are the rules, but I assume that most workplaces with Internet access have a little bit of blogging/shopping/screwing around/"look at this funny video" internet activity going on anyway.

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