Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Global Warming and the daily weather.

If we are going to have a debate on global warming, and it looks more and more like our country is going to have to, can we please move past the comments about so-and-so day being extra cold?

One letter writer in today's paper wrote a tongue in cheek letter mentioning Oaklawn's opening day having to be moved because of the coldest temperatures in 15 years, as evidence that global warming is BS.

It's extra interesting because these same people tend to shut up when summer rolls around and we have record high days.

If a real debate is going to happen in this country, recognize that climate change theorists call for cold winters that are just as extreme as hot summers. Your punchy one-liner comments reveal nothing except your silliness.

1 comment:

  1. People should realize global warming doesn't mean the end of all cold days, ever. It does speak to the ignorance and stubbornness of many who think global warming isn't real.